Sunday, 11 June 2017

CPE free correction and feedback 2017


I have just bumped into your page where you offer free correction service for students with the aim of taking Cambridge exams. I would like to take the CPE in July.

I have attached some of my writings to get them checked. I hope you can provide me with a few tips as to how to improve them. Thanks in advance

Üdvözlettel / Mit Freundlichen Grüssen / Best wishes:

Sinkovicz Tamás

Task Type: Article

You have recently read an article from a youth magazine on the problem of inactivity in young people. The magazine has invited its readers to respond to the topic by writing a short article of their own, which answers the following questions:

Why are our young people becoming 'couch potatoes', and what can we do to solve the problem?
You should focus on young people in your country (or a country that you know well).

Write the article for the readers of the magazine. (around 280 - 320 words).

Feedback in red

Inactive lifestyle among youngsters

Adults may not be the ideal role model for the younger generation, given the fact that the number of physically passive grown-ups seems to be increasing. Many of them do not exercise regularly in spite of the fact that the health benefits of active lifestyle are widely broadcast/known/acknowledged. Parents sometimes trap their children into sedentary state for their own convenience .Children these days spend more time inside than out, which was an unseen behavior for the kids of the 80s and 90s. Not only does our reluctance have something to do with our inactivity but also it is the world that makes us too comfy. (Is the introduction missing? Or this is supposed to be the introduction? If so, the text is way too long).

CPE Writing Sample and Feedback 2017

Gustavo, am encountering a new problem. My essays being lengthy. And I can't make them short. please help me. Am sending  u an essay  with this fault.

Eliza Fernandez

Feedback: Dear Eliza. You are write. The text is way too long. I suggest you use only 4 paragraphs:

- Introduction
- Paragraph 2
- Paragraph 3
- Conclusion

No Title???

It is true that Todays children are influenced by modern games, mainly virtual where they do not need any companion unlike the traditional games. Apparently these games are proving to be effective tools in upgrading their IQ level but at the same time children are missing the joy of playing in team. (Introduction is usually a 3-5 lines paragraph which starts like this: Both texts discuss the topic of games and change...  The following essay will dewell on the social nature of games and its evolution in time and space. 

CPE Writing Exam practice. See Feedback in Red.

Dear CPESamplewritings
I would very much appreciate your opinion and advice on my writing skills. I am currently preparing myself for the CPE exam. Thank you in advance.

Konstadina N

CPE Writing

Part 1
Read the two texts below:
Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts. Use your own words throughout as far as possible, and include your own ideas in your answer.
Write your answer in 240-280 words.

Advertising – an unfair practice?
Today’s consumers are becoming ever more materialistic and easily fall prey to marketing strategies employed by advertising agencies everywhere. Eye-catching pictures in glossy magazines and catchy jingles on TV and the radio encourage people to spend more, whether they need the products being advertised or not. Many products become status symbols as adverts brainwash unsuspecting consumers and influence their buying habits. In particular, commercials aimed at a young audience, shown at peak viewing times, can generate a huge demand for products, much to the dismay of parents, especially around Christmastime. Perhaps it is time more restrictions were placed on advertisers and consumers were allowed to make up their own minds.

Why advertising is necessary?
Should we do away with advertising altogether? No, because advertising is meant to inform the consumer of what is available and also to bring in much-needed revenue to both radio and TV stations as well as the manufacturers themselves. The film industry too is profiting from advertising. One of the more subtle methods of fixing a brand name in the customer’s mind is by way of “product placement”, which involves a film company being paid to prominently display a product during the course of a film. All the better if the main character uses the product at some stage.

(Feedback is in red)

No title???

Nowadays, people seem to get more and more materialistic and all of that due to advertising. However, as manipulated as we think we are from the perfect world of advertising, we should all raise the question: Should we do away with advertising altogether? (Feedback: why "however"?)

Saturday, 3 June 2017

CPE Writing Part 2 Sample and feedback

Hi Gustavo, it's Nicola. It is a matter of days before my CPE exam in June and I would like to have an general idea of my writing skills. It would be nice from you to correct any grammar mistakes and to give an overall grade to both tasks I have done. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Mr/Mrs, (Feedback: Use Mr/Mrs only when you know the lastname)

I am writing with reference to the invitation to send personal embarrassing experiences which appeared in your blog. It is my intention to describe one of the most awkward episodes which characterised my early age. (Check)

Monday, 29 May 2017

CPE Essay Sample and Correction

Dear Gustavo
kindly read my essay for CPE .Thanks.

Eliza Fernandez

Genetic engineering

Over the past few decades science and technology have changed every aspect of life . However in medical science it’s its evidence is even more transparent for the recent research innovated a process called genetic engineering that eventually makes way for unnatural birth for the first time on earth. (Feedback: Is the introduction clear? By reading the introduction, does the reader have a clear idea of what your are goint to write about?)