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CPE Essay Sample 2018 Tourism

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The downside of tourism
Despite the importance of the tourism industry to local economies there are significant costs to being a popular holiday destination. Local cultures can suffer as the needs of the tourist are given priority. For example, local shops can be demolished to make way for larger retail developments. In addition, the negative effects on the environment are well documented. Areas suffering from scarce water, food and energy resources can see the situation deteriorate with the extra demand caused by an influx of tourists. There will often be a physical impact as well, with increases in local pollution or the effect on the eco-system of large-scale construction. More significantly, the generation of income for the local economy is often lower than envisaged. The majority of income can often go to multi-nationals such as airline companies and hotel chains.
Recent years have seen a growth in what is termed 'eco-tourism'. The aim of eco-tourism is to unite conservation and communities through sustainable travel. So what are the key elements of eco-tourism? In addition to minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment, successful eco-tourism should also raise the awareness of cultural and environmental issues amongst the local host destination and the visiting tourist. Eco-tourism should be a positive experience for the local community as well as the tourist. Finally, eco-tourism should offer clear financial benefits to local people and to local conservation issues.
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The downside of Tourism

Tourism can be considered one of the biggest and fastest growing industries across the globe. In this essay, I will include some pros and cons that brings the industry of tourism 
to our everyday life.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

CPE 2018 Essay Sample Capital Punishment

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CPE Writing: Essay

Task: The two extracts given regard capital punishment and are the followings:

Extract 1: Killing for nothing
Under no circumstances can capital punishment be condoned. It is a barbaric form of punishment, which serves no useful purpose as it obviously does not act as a deterrent. In the USA, for example, the use of capital punishment increased greatly during the eighties and nineties, but with no corresponding effect on the crime rate. Another argument says that it effectively deals with people who are a danger to society. But in any case, they spend years, even decades, on death row while their appeals are used up, and might as well just be sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.

Extract 2: Innocents die
The system by which people are convicted is simply not as foolproof as some people would have us believe, and the odds against an innocent person being killed are just too high. While the risk of this happening remains a very real possibility, the death sentence is unacceptable. In this age of DNA evidence many people in American prisons awaiting execution have been found to be innocent. The other problem is prejudice. Even if a person is found guilty and convicted of a crime, they are likely to get a worse sentence if they are from an ethnic minority, and a disproportionately large number of these people are executed every year in the States.

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Over the last years, changes in many countries’ legal system have come a long way in an attempt to comply with the requirements of basic human rights. Nonetheless, the implementation of capital punishment still remains a controversial issue. Both texts deal with the effectiveness of such a cruel form of penalisation and provide different accounts on the subject. (Feedback: maybe save the word "cruel" for your conclusion)

Sunday, 25 February 2018

CPE Sample Letter 2018 Environment

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you regarding your invitation for suggestions for a publicity campaign which I saw on my college bulletin board two days ago. As I am really involved in the environmental protection, I would like to share with you my points of view on the issue. why it is important to protect the countryside and innovative ways to raise people's awareness on this matter.

Monday, 19 February 2018

CPE 2018 Essay Sample on Tourism and feedback

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I saw on your blog that you are available for reviewing any piece of writing that we draft in preparation for the exam. I therefore take the liberty to submit an essay that I prepared based on the instructions of the practice test that I am doing, which I also submit for your reference. Would yo be so kind of taking a look at it and send back to me your comments and recommendations? It would be extremelly useful to have a better understanding of the aspects that I shall improve. 

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Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most changing sectors of the last decade. Thanks to the creation of on-line mechanisms to facilitate travelling, almost everyone may choose an attractive destination for their holidays. However as tourism becomes more accessible to all pockets, many coastal villages and their habitants have suffered the devastating impact of such an overwhelming popularity. The two texts contract different views from users of these holiday venues and some within the tourism industry on the impact that such evolved sector has had on seaside areas.