Sunday, 17 December 2017

CPE Writing Exam 2018 Review Sample

FInd Attached my first training review for CPE. 
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A well-known magazine for English language learners has asked for reviews from readers about useful resources for learning English.
You have recently discovered Write and Improve, a new writing tool for learners of English. Write a review for the magazine describing the main features of the tool and why it is/isn’t helpful. Include details about what you like about the tool and about any difficulties you had with it, and finish by giving your recommendation for other readers.

Review on the new English-learning tool:  
"Write & Improve"

Hailed as the bedrock of knowledge, the Internet affords a profusion offers a wide variety of resources for ESOL students. Whereas much misinformation has been updated overtime, there are few, if any, trustworthy WebPages so as learning English. Despite personally finding most of the pages for learning English rather disappointing, I have to admit that Write&Improve, is an exception. Developed by the respected think-tank Cambridge Dictionary, it caters for a whole host provides useful tools as well as best-practices writing tips. (Feedback: If you mention Writing Tools and Writing Tips in the intro, I expect to read about it in the next paragraphs)

Sunday, 3 December 2017

CPE 2018 Letter to the Editor: Taking risks

Dear Gustavo,
I would be very glad if you could read my writing and give me some feedback.
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Cristina La Spina

CPE Writing part 2
A general interest magazine has recently published a feature entitled "Taking risks makes life worth living". The editor has asked readers to write in with their own experiences and views on the topic, You decide to write a letter briefly describing a risk you once took and its consequences, you should also discuss why some people are particularly attracted to taking risks and how this behaviour might be justified.

Dear Sir,
I read your feature "Taking risks makes life worth living" in your last issue. I understand the point you make – never taking risks in life would make our existance quite flat and dull. Nevertheless, every time you decide to take risks, you must be ready to bear the possible consequences, which might not be pleasant. This is why you should be aware of the price to pay for risky choices and make sure it is worth it.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

CPE Essay Sample: The development of outdoor advertising

Hello Gustavo, 

I am going to take the CPE test next week on December the 2nd and I am not sure whether my writings have the level of what is expected in a CPE exam. 

I have attached samples of Part 1 and Part 2 of the writing part and I would be very grateful if you could have a look at them and give me some feedback.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards, Ainara 

Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts. Use your own words throughout as far as possible, and include your own ideas in your answers.
Write your answer in 240 – 280 words.

The Excitement of Advertising
Outdoor advertising has to attract, engage and persuade potential customers; it is the most important way of grabbing customers’ attention and outdoor media continue to undergo a transformation. At the core of this transformation is the digital screen media, which encompass everything from giant screens to digital billboards. The technology is cheap and advertising agencies rave about the creative possibilities for advertisements which entertain, amuse, inform, make the environment brighter and enliven the world we live in.
Advertising: an undesirable business
Once upon a time outdoor advertising was straightforward. Posters were stuck up on anything from a bus shelter to a motorway hoarding. Many people considered this kind of advertising to be fairly dull, a harmless blot on the landscape and chose to ignore it. These people now regard digital advertising as a form of unwanted, creeping commercialisation: it attracts a buzz simply because it is new. They feel that any advertising which targets children or vulnerable adults is a dubious practice at the best of times, and digital advertising is, moreover, wasteful, damaging to the environment and completely unnecessary.
Write your essay.



These extracts deal with the fascinating issue of outdoor advertising. They reflect on the role this activity plays in modern societies as well as on the evolution of the means used for it.

The first part text underlines that outdoor advertising is nowadays the most powerful tool that a company - or in general anyone willing to sell something - disposes to achieve its goals. It is a sector in continuous evolution ; new technologies have been a revolutionary element for this activity and digital screen media is today the most creative way of advertising. (Feedback: Find a way to connect the last two ideas instead of using " ; " ).

The second text focuses on the tremendous change on how outdoor advertising is perceived by the wide public. Some years ago, advertising techniques were rudimentary and one could easily choose to ignore the messages. Extremely invasive ways of publicity used these days - specially through digital advertising - have provoked that this activity is often thought to be annoying, damaging and even aggressive. (Again, you need to use connectors like "however").

In my opinion, although advertisers are wise when using opportunities given by new technologies - enabling them to easily get through their messages - I consider that in the present context, all agents active in this discipline must think about the means they use and the effects they produce, specially among the most vulnerable groups, such as children. If this serious thinking is not made, there is an important risk for advertising to loose its authority as well as its fundamental role in our society.  (What do you mean with lose authority?)

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CPE Essay Sample: The Role of Arts in Society

Dear Gustavo,

Could you please have a look at an essay I wrote? I would be very grateful! I'm attaching a picture with the task as well. 
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The Role of the Arts in Society

Many people claim that the arts play an essential part in their lives, they find solace and an inexplicable pleasure in looking at a painting, watching a theatre play or following an opera production. On the other hand, there are those who simply do not feel the urge to engage in such activities and find fulfilment elsewhere.  Due to such a difference in people’s approach towards the arts, several questions arise which have yet to be answered.

The first takes discusses whether art productions should receive financial support from the government. Ardent supporters of the arts favour the idea of contributing to the different arts organizations financially. According to them, theatres, operas and art galleries ought to be aided owing to the fact that these are fundamental in society. Naturally, those who are not keen on the arts disapprove of funding them alleging that these organizations should be self-sustaining. Admittedly, if the latter group do not attend any of the artistic productions in their city or country, they may rightfully ask for their taxes to be spent on other domains. (Feedback: Maybe here in the last line, add your own point of view).

The second text presents the problematic that in the long term some not-so-popular forms of art might disappear. For instance, similarly to any enterprise, an opera production which does not sell enough tickets,  can go bankrupt. This unfortunate outcome may dissapoint supporters and have a negative impact on a large number of employees. (In this part maybe also present two points of view like you did in the paragraph before plus your own opinion. You need to add a couple of lines). 

To sum up, I believe that the representatives of different arts ought to be helped by the taxpayers for several reasons. Most of us benefit from the artists’ endeavours, their efforts having an enormous impact on our thinking and state of mind. Furthermore, artists should have the right to make a living by pursuing their dreams. Finally, even those who oppose the arts presently may have a change of heart, even for a mere hour, and become fans themselves. (How do you get to this conclusion? How do you link conclusion to the paragraphs that come before? Try to keep conclusion short: no more than 5 or max 6 lines).